Halloween, Back to School, and Football—What I Love Most About Fall

Halloween, Back to School, and Football—What I Love Most About Fall

In Louisiana, we don't have a true four season year. But fall is easily my favorite "season" even if it's still 90 degrees for the better part of it. Despite the fact that we're still sweating well into October, Halloween costumes, school events, and football games easily make the "season" a favorite for me.

Halloween—Trick or Treat Yo'self!

One of my fondest childhood memories is walking up and down the massive street I lived on to stockpile my candy stash while dressed up for Halloween. Whether I was trick-or-treating with friends or tagging along with my brother and parents, I have vivid memories of the homes that had the spookiest decorations and the best selection of candy. There was even a house that always had full-size candy bars (I somehow ended up visiting that house at least twice... three if I could manage).

Now that I'm a mom with kids of my own, Halloween is still one of my favorite times of year. Even though I'm far from a horror movie fan, I love driving through the neighborhood to see the houses decked out with 12 foot skeletons and massive artificial spider webs. And when I can convince my husband, I love dressing the whole family in a themed costume.

Back to School—Somebody Please Take These Kids!

School supply shopping was one of my favorite trips to the store every year. There was no high greater than that of opening a new pack of pencils to sharpen, getting to meet my teachers, and seeing which friends would be in my class the upcoming year. Now I love back to school for an entirely different reason... I'm a mom.

After virtual learning during the height of COVID, I think I would give my kids' teachers anything to never send them home with me full time again. Teachers are true gems that are underpaid, underappreciated, and (along with moms... which most are themselves) have one of the hardest jobs around. After a full summer of my kids asking for 249,752,047 snacks a day, telling me they're bored countless times, and both of us getting on each others' nerves, back to school is eagerly anticipated every fall. Sorry, teachers... TAG! You're it!

Football—Geaux Tigers!

Winter is hardly a season in south Louisiana, but our 4th season of the year that we recognize happens to tie in with fall... football season! No matter the team you're cheering for—Saints, LSU, Ragin Cajuns—there's one thing for certain... football season in Louisiana is like none other.

Between tailgates, food, watch parties, or being at the game, Saturdays and Sundays in Louisiana are consumed by football. You can see purple and gold on just about every shelf in the state for fans throughout the boot to cheer on the tigers. Televisions everywhere are tuned into game day from Saturday morning to the last Monday night football Monday evening.

With fall right around the corner, it's easy to look forward to some of my favorite things about the season. But it's also a good habit to enjoy it while it's here. Kids grow up and move away, which means Halloween costumes do as well. Football will always be there, sure. But it's the family and how the season of fall brings us together in it's own unique ways that has me fallen in love with the season of oranges and yellows. Trick or treating, Thanksgiving, tailgaiting; these are the things I truly look forward to each year. It's about the memories.

Here are a few of my favorites from this year's fall collection!

Trick or Treat Yo'self Sweatshirt

 Burnt Out but Optimistic Tee

In My Spooky Eras Tee

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